Pruning and Tree Care

Proper pruning is both a science and an art. The science is understanding how trees grow and respond to different pruning cuts. The art is deciding which branches to cut and which to leave intact with the end result of having a tree that enhances the urban scenery.

Why Prune?

  • Direct branch growth for safety reasons such as keeping branches away from electric or telephone wires, or resting on rooftops.
  • Strengthen branches to resist storm damage.
  • Preserve the urban landscape design and balance.
  • Regular and proper pruning keep trees healthy and vigorous.
  • Proper pruning encourages flowering.
  • Proper pruning wards off diseases.
  • Repairing storm damage.

Protecting your Investment!

Mature trees make a property more valuable. Realtors know that homes with well-kept lawns, lush trees and pleasing ornamental plants sell more quickly and for more money than those not as well landscaped. Healthy trees can add as much as 15% to the value of a landscaped property. As the trees increase in size, the investment in time and care grows. A mature, well shaped tree, which may take 25 years to begin to approach full size and spread, is practically irreplaceable. Pruning is the most important way to control the size of your tree and maintain it as an investment that appreciates every year.

Other Tree Care Services

  • Tree Surgery

  • Cabling

  • Tree Inventory

  • Transplanting

  • Installation of Root Barriers

  • Plant Protection


Tree Care