Grounds Maintenance

Well maintained gardens, neat lawns and clean grounds create a positive first impression. Good landscaping and a high standard of grounds maintenance establishes a pleasant and functional environment as well as increases the value of property.

Grounds maintenance includes a variety of tasks necessary to keep turf, trees and ornamental plants in a healthy condition with the use of proper tools and equipment. It includes maintaning indoor and outdoor gardens and landscaping of commercial and public facilities such as school campuses, play grounds, sports fields, golf courses, malls, parks, streetscapes, parking lots, industrial parks and resorts.


Clean Roadways, Parking Lots & Grounds

  • JSA uses on road and off road outdoor litter vacuums to clean roads, parking lots, parks, and other wide open spaces.
  • Back pack blowers, vacuum shredders and proper rakes are used for smaller, hard-to-reach areas, leaving the grounds free from litter, leaves, pebbles and other debris.
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Full Service

  • Watering using sprinklers, drip irrigation and traveling irrigators for efficient water consumption.
  • Caring for sod, ornamental plants and trees through the proper application of fertilizers to stimulate growth.
  • Keeping open spaces free of litter.
  • Establishment of an in-house nursery for plant replacement.
  • Maintaning well-trimmed and elegant lawns.
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Grounds Maintenance Services

  • Street Sweeping and Grounds Keeping
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Nutrient Management
  • Pest & Disease Mangement
  • Irrigation
  • Plant Nursery Management
  • Vermiculture
  • Composting