Hardscape & Paving Works

JSA uses the interlocking pavement system and addresses drainage concerns for long term mainteance of beautiful pavements. The beauty of pavers enhances an area's visual effect and adds value to the property.

Why choose interlocking pavers?

  • Pavers shift with the ground and do not crack like rigid concrete.
  • The many shapes, colors and patterns of pavers allow for design creativity and beauty.
  • Pavers afford design flexibility and ease of installation for difficult areas.
  • Parking areas, seating areas and cross walks can be delineated using the different colors and shapes.
  • Pavers are extremely dense units and can be used where vehicles drive through and for heavy foot-traffic areas.
  • Underground works are easy to undertake by removing the pavers and simply returning them after repairs.
  • Pavers have a non-skid surface for safety.
Paving Works


Addressing drainage issues

  • After heavy rains, the pooling of water is not just unsightly. It is a health and safety issue.
  • Pooling of water shortens the life span of any pavement, thereby increasing maintenance costs.
  • JSA studies ground inclination, drainage and sewage systems to address proper water flow.